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On this site I'll include everything you need to know about Gaara so if you like Gaara from Naruto come and hang out i will tell you everything about him and if you would email me

On this home page, I might include some history of Gaara backround, i will include his stats, his birthday, his clads, alot of cool images

Please let me know if you share my imformation for web page enjoy my site!
Gaara:12 years
Gaara:Birthday is January 19
Gaara, 12 (yrs), Genin, 146.1 (cm), 39.0 (kg) - 86.6 (lbs), 12 (yrs), Genin, 146.1 (cm), 39.0 (kg) - 86.6 (lbs)
. The Wind Country - Hidden Village of Sand is located in the bottem left corner
. And the iast thing i know for now i the handsigns
Bird (Rooster) Boar (Pig) Dog
Dragon Rabbit Horse
Ox Monkey Ram (Sheep)
Rat Snake Tiger


Here I might put a picture I've taken of a piece of memorabilia inspired by the show, such as a lunchbox or board game.